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$50,000 - Pete Agresta, Nathan Hall, and Matt Rund from Pure Storage
Allison and Thomas Kurian $40,000, Google Cloud
$20,000 David Reilly, NPower Board Chair
$20,000 - Peter Trizzino, Dell
$15,000 Steve Murphy, Accenture
$15,000 Matt Horner, WWT - NPower is changing lives and inspiring a new community of leaders!
$10,000 Jennifer Kleinert, Citi - So proud of everything NPower is accomplishing!!!
$750 proud to support NPower. Einat Burshtine
$1000 Rob Benoit, NetApp
$200 proud to support npower BNeal
$4000, go NPower, Mike gregoire
$7,500 Guillermo Diaz Jr, Conectado Inc. & Hispanic Technology Executive Council
$500. Love the mission of NPower and proud to support! Scott Spaulding Cisco
$7,500 Debra King, NPower Board Member
$2,000 Proud to Support nPower Rich McLaughlin, Dell Technologies
Amount: $500 Proud to support NPower! Megan Quinn, NetApp
$1,000, Tristan Morel L'Horset, Accenture
$10,000 Mark Patterson, Cisco Systems. NPower changes lives!!!
$500 Proud to support NPower Katryn McGaughey, Cisco
$250 Proud to partner with NPower! Lisa Dughi, NAF
$200 NPower Anonymous
$10,000, Chris Perry Broadridge - NPower Forever
$2,500 Dwight D. Shepherd, IBM
$2,500 - Proud to support NPower!! Carl De Groote, Cisco
$2,000 Gerald Charles Jr., Capital One
$3,000 Gail Fierstein, CaaStle - I continue to be a proud member of the NPower community.
Frank Pedersen, $3,000, Go Cameron!
$5,000 Proud to support NPower!!! Josh Sutton, Syndesis Health
$5,000, Proud to Support NPower, Rick Scurfield
$5,000 Cliff Thomas, Cisco
$5,000 Cliff Thomas, Cisco
$5,000 Tony Kerrison Bank of America
$3000 #NPower Strong - Mark Heil / Cisco
$10,000. Go NPower Go! Paul Daugherty, Accenture
Pledge 5,000.00 from Dan Zugelder.
$5000 Shane Fitzsimons Proud to support
Mark Patterson, $10,000 Cisco Systems
Ron robbins 15 k. Great work to all
$10,000 Dean Del Vecchio, Guardian Life
$10,001 ... Rubrik Major Accounts Team ... Majorly Supportive
$5,000 LP Green, II SAVOY
$2000 Cisco Systems - "powering an inclusive future for all"
$1,500 Harish Venkitaramanan, Cisco Systems Go NPower!! ūü•≥
$2,000 David Boyle - EY
$2500 Jacquie Cleary Atlas
$2000 J. Anderson & Associates James & Karen Smith Keep up the great work, NPower. It matters!
$1,500 Harish Venkitaramanan, Cisco Systems Go NPower ūü•≥
$1000 Katherine Avery
$500 Mike G Dell Technologies
$1,000 Proud to support NPower! Chris Morbelli, EY. #Table42 rocks
1000 James and Viola Thompson
$1000 donation, proud to support the NPower program, Pavan Jhamnani from NetApp..
$1000 Brian Mooney, NetApp Cameron rocks !
$1000 Maria Allen Wipro mentorship program
$1000. Anonymous. God's blessings. To Him be the glory.
$500, NPower, Randy Seidl
Love what NPower is doing. Let's get after it!! $500 donation. Don Jones
$500 Honored to support NPower! Karen Smith McDonald, Cisco
Scott Strickland, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, $250
Caroline Arnold pledge $500 plus Corp match
$250 Proud to support NPower! Ed Hynes, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
$1,000 Rich DePalma, NetApp
Tim Lyons - $1000 - NPower is awesome!
$1000 supporting NPower M de Wysocki Cisco
$1000 to support the great work by NPower. Nic & Sasha Barnes
$1,000 Proud to support NPower Judy Winter, Broadridge
$1000 Proud to support NPower!!! J Heckler and WWT Team
NPower ROCKS! Peter McNamara & Lou Aurrichio $1,000
$1000, Rosato, Accenture
$1000 total. Monthly gifts. Proud to work for NPower! Let's go y'all! -Jen Jayme
$1000 Thank you for the great partnership NPower! Heather Ribas and Steve Delisi
$1000 - Bill Hogan Beyond Identity
Table 36 for $1000. Dave Sullivan - happy to support NPower.
$500, Amanda Goodman, Accenture
200 donation
$100 Morgan
$1000 - Brian Kassoy NetApp Proud to support NPower
1000 - Bill Hogan Beyond Identity
Viva NPower! $1,000 Kevin & Melissa Modica
$1,000 Kristie Carney, Google Cloud. Grow w Google and NPower. Changing Lives.
$1000 proud to support NPower, Fernando Matzkin from Globant
$1,000 Armis loves NPower! Steve Poeppe
$1000, Accenture Anonymous
$500 Let's power an inclusive future for all! Cindy Lo, Cisco
$500 for NPower. Richard Miller. Accenture.
$500 - because #representationmatters - thank you Npower - Jenny Park, Bank of America
$200 Go NPower! Amanda Lillie's
$100 -- Cisco is proud to support NPower!
50$ - a grateful NPower alumni
$180 H. Kogan
$300 .. Kevin O'Connor.. Beyond Identity. Go Army! Go npower! All the best Cameron
$500 anonymous long time support of NPower @ Citi
$250 Support for NPower Cisco Systems
$100.00. Happy to support people like Cameron. Kelem Butts AT&T
$50.00 cheers to the mission! -Rebecca Thomas (NPower employee)
$50 nPower
Amount: $250 Message: proud to support nPower Name: Julian Mason, PagerDuty
50, great organization
$50 Congratulations for your amazing work! Anonymous
$200. Thank you for everything you do every day. David Lilienfeld, Dell Technologies
$100. Proud to support npower!

Total Pledged: $142,281