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$8,000 Honored to support NPower’s important mission. – Diane Schwarz, Johnson Controls
3000 Matt Rund, Pure Storage. Such an a amazing cause we are happy to support!
$250 npower is awesome Ed zebro Cohesity
$10,000 I am so proud to support NPower’s incredible organization, and I am thrilled that Jane Fraser is receiving this much deserved recognition! – Jennifer Kleinert, Citi
Tom and Tai Mendoza $10,000 Honored to support such a great cause
$50, cheers to the mission! -Rebecca E. Thomas (NPower employee)
$10000, Michel khalaf, MetLife
$10,000 Dean Del Vecchio, Guardian
10,000 Christopher Brown, Microblink #Android
$10,000 Inspired by NPower’s commitment to the transformative power of education & technology! - Mark Patterson, SVP, Cisco
$7,500 Tony Kerrison Bank of America - proud to support Npower
7500 from Guillermo and Gema Diaz. To our next generation. may u shine. !
$15,000 Thanks to the NPower team for everything that you do! - Steve Murphy, Accenture
$2000 Proud to support NPower!
$20,000 We are building the future of tech together. Please consider joining me in supporting NPower’s great work! – David Reilly
Robert Vaughn NPower $5,000 Greatest organization I've ever worked for
$1,000 Excited to support this amazing organization! Fred Schwark, VMware
$7,500 to our next generation, may you grow in peace- Guillermo and Gema Diaz
Anonymous table 21, $5000
5000 Chris Perry and Broadridge. Thank you for changing lives. I wish the Government would learn from Bertina and Npower
$500 Proud to Support NPower! Megan Quinn, NetApp
$5,000, Tristan Morel L'Horset, Accenture. Thank you for all NPower does!
$1000, Kevin Carney, SentinelOne.
$5000, James Linnett, Citi. A wonderful program we are thrilled to support!
$1,500 NPower is amazing #special! Ryan Nolan World Wide Technology
$100 - Thank you NPower!! NPower Alumni (Fatou Ndiaye, Citi)
$5000 Tom Whitty WWT, outstanding cause
1000, npower you rock! Ambrose Nardulli
$500 Steve Delisi Cohesity
$20 Michael Chaiko (NPower Trainee) motivated and empowered by the mission
$2000. Bill Pappas MetLife. Congratulations NPower!!
$100 from HMG Strategy! Go NPower
$500. So great to hear the amazing stories and successes. Steve Meyers. Dell Technologies
$100, CM, What a great mission and such impressive graduates
$1000, Proud to help support this amazing organization! Eli Doster, Insight Global
$1,000 Thank you NPower! Rich Stingi, Broadridge
Hitachi Vantara Tony Maddalone NPower great mission $1500. Thank you.
$500 for NPower. Accenture.
$250 Thank you for sharing your story Yinette! Leslie Ackerman ServiceNow
$1,000. More than honored to support a great cause and look forward to future engagement. Nick Coussoule, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ.
$2,000 Sean Barrett, VMware. Thank you NPower, happy to support!
$2,500...honored to support this great organization. Joe C @ WWT
$500 Chaffee Family - In support of our future women technology leaders (#teamBOFA)
500. Todd
$500 Tim Hennessey Cisco. NPower Great Cause and great event!
$250 Proud to support NPower! Nags & Yamini Arkalgud
$250 pledge - a great initiative
Joe Tosto - $1000. Great cause. Come on people!!!!
$200 from IDE@S at CITI
$500 from Fortinet Financial Services Team!!
$100, This program is amazing and gives opportunity to those who are not seen or forgoten Stephen Kortum (NPower Trainer)
$260 Dell technologies , bill fink
$1000 J. Anderson & Associates James & Karen Smith Keep up the great work, NPower. It matters!
$500 - Jaime M
$251 Sunil Moolchandani Cohesity
500 Patti Pacheco
$5000 from Phil Bullinger Infinidat CEO ...keep up the great work
$100 to such a great cause. Mike Lee-Lun, Nutanix
$100 as a student I am grateful for the opportunity to give back.
$1000 - Brian Kassoy NetApp Always a pleasure to support NPower
$500 personal donation - Ted Ranft. Great cause!
$1000 Go npower Rob Benoit Netapp
I pledge $75 towards Npower for their journey and the cause.
NO - just one donation of $500 - not 3
500, anonymous, long time sponsor and proud to support this great organization!
$1k, great job Tony and David!! Randy Seidl, Sales Community
100 npower has changed my life and I hope it can do the same for someone else.
$1500 Pat McCarren Bank of America
500 - Greg K Guardian. NPower is a great program.
$500, Thank you for supporting Veterans. -Lieutenant Colonel D. Sheykman (AWS)
$250 -- great cause!
$500 Dave Sullivan - WWT. Congratulations on an amazing gala
$1000 thank you for all that you do NPower!
$100, Candice Dixon, NPower
500 from a proud Citi employee
$1000 proud to support NPower Judy Winter, Broadridge
$150 ...power to NPower ... Phil Georgas , Wipro
$250 donation
$500 Jacob Hoehne ISSIMO Story Agency Thank you for the work you do
$500 WWT Brad Sweeney paying it forward.
$100 We are proud of everything you do to support our youth and military veterans. Kay Shaw
Pls change message to $500 - NPower is so Wonderful - Tim Lyons
$100 amazing cause, Girish Achar, Wipro
$75 Roman Jackson JobsFirstNYC. NPower is Amazing!!!
$200.00 NPower is a force for good. Rebecca Watts, PhD WGU
$1500 Strength to NPower ! Leo Makhlin, WWT
Pls change message to $500 - NPower is so Wonderful
Amount:108.00 Message: congratulations for what's you do Name: Sushil Motwani - Oracle
$150 Proud to support NPower Michael Brown , NewYorkCIO
$300 Thank you NPower for the doors you open and opportunities you Provide! Shauna Shaik VMware
25 npower alumni, We love it here
100, in support of npower, anonymous
$500 is so wonderful - Tim Lyons
Amount: $1000 Proud to support NPower! Jules Johnston, SVP Channel, Equinix
$100 NPower is doing amazing work!
$500 Keep up the great work. Kristie Sells, Guardian Life.
$20,000 - So inspired by Yinette’s story, this is how NPower is changing the future of tech. - Pete Trizzino, President, Dell Technologies
$5,000 I am humbled to serve on the Board of this amazing organization. I am thrilled to be here as it is one of the best annual gala events I attend.- Sangy Vatsa, Chief Technology and Digital Officer, HTC Global Services
$5,000 Energized by all of the companies underwriting the Gala – Gail Fierstein, CaaStle
$20,000 NPower Students, Alumni and Staff continue to inspire me and I appreciate the many contributors to this exceptional, life changing organization. – Matt Horner, WWT
$200 anonymous wipro
$250 Mahesh Chandra - WIPRO
I’d like to pledge 1000
$5,000 Craig Cuffie, HSBC
Amount: $50 Proud to support NPower. Chad Fisher, MetLife
$100 Proud to support NPower. Todd Hemenway Hitachi Vantara.
$100 Proud to support! Barbara Pawar Accenture Avanade
50 Proud to support NPower! Mike Moore, Cisco
$500, Marlene Debel, MetLife
$1,000 Team NPower! Stefanie Boles
$1000 - Kit Beall @ Cohesity
$1,500 John Marchese, Network to Code
$256 - Huge fan of all things NPower! 🚀 Sean Martin, @ITSPmagazine
$250 - Go NPower!!!!!
$5,000 Very sorry I could not be there this evening. I am proud to support NPower’s mission. -Debra King, Bunge
$2,500 Enthused, inspired… proud of NPower students, staff, and stakeholders! My honor and privilege to serve. -Gerald Charles Jr., Capital One
$3,000 Changing Lives and Investing In Our Future. - Dwight "Shep" Shepherd
$500 Thanks offered to the NPower team for the many great works enabling the livelihoods of thousands of deserving citizens and their families. - Peter Allen
$1500. Proud to support NPower, Kimberly King @ Hitachi Vantara
$1000 Proud to support Npower, Mike Grynberg Dell Technologies
$3,000 - In support of all NPower Tech trainees…Go NPower! - Frank Pedersen, Apply Digital
$5,000 As a proud supporter of NPower since 2014, I am amazed to see where we are today. Let’s keep building! -Rich Greenbaum
$100, Maria Adams, Broadridge. So inspired by all of tonight's great speakers!
Adam Weiss CDW $100